Method and equipment for mineral dehydration

Gravity dehydration: refers to the dehydration achieved by gravity, which is mainly used for the dehydration of coarse-grained minerals, which can remove free water. The main equipment includes natural gravity dehydration (dehydration bucket and dehydration bin) and gravity concentration dehydration (thickener and sedimentation tank).

Mechanical dehydration: refers to the separation of water and materials by mechanical force, which can remove free water. The main equipment includes sieving dewatering (vibrating screen), centrifugal dewatering (filter centrifugal dewatering machine and sedimentation centrifugal dewatering machine) and filtering dewatering (vacuum dewatering machine, plate and frame filter press and pressure filter).

Thermal drying: refers to the dehydration that uses heat to vaporize and evaporate water in minerals, which can remove capillary water, combined water and bound water in minerals. The main methods include thermal drying and sun exposure.