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Drum Filter

Drum Filter

【Product Introduction】:A traditional external filtration type vacuum filter

【Applicable Materials】:mainly used in the dewatering of the ferromagnetic materials with coarse particles.

【Production Capacity】:3~50m²

【Product Application】:It is a kind of top-feeding tube-type outside-filtering permanent magnetic vacuum filter mainly used in the dewatering of the ferromagnetic materials with coarse particles.

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01  Cylindrical external filtration type filter is the normal filter which realizes stepless speed change by adjusting the motor revolution;

02  It has the advantages of simple structure, low price, convenient operation, little wearing parts etc.


Drum Filter principle

The cylinder is the main part of the filter. The large size cylinder is made of welded steel plate, the small size made of cast cylinder, and some old-fashioned filter cylinder made of thick wood. The filter cylinder is divided into some filtering chambers by strip along the circumferential direction. These chambers are strictly sealed without ventilation between each other. The filter plate is laid on the filter chamber forming a channel for filtrate and supporting filter cloth.

The cylinder is wrapped in filter cloth to ensure the sealing between each chamber.

There is a pipe at one end of the cylinder body which has the same number of channels as chambers. Each channel connects with the corresponding filter chamber. The transmission mechanism drives the cylinder and could transform several speeds.

Product Parameter

ModelFilter      AreaCylinder Spec. (mm)Cylinder      Rotating      Speed      (r/min)Magnetic      Induction      (mt)Filter Cake Moisture (%)SuckingRate      (m3/min.m2)Gauge      Pressure      (kg/cm2)Capacity      (t/h)Motor      ModelMotor      Power      (kW)Weight      (kg)

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