The main purpose of heavy-medium beneficiation is to discard waste rock (or tailings) before ore fine grinding, thereby reducing fine crushing, grinding and sorting equipment, reducing energy consumption, infrastructure investment and production costs, and improving the next stage of sorting The selected grade of the job and the improvement process index.

Dense medium beneficiation equipment has two types, dynamic and static. For dynamic media, there are heavy-medium vibrating chute, heavy-medium cyclone and heavy-medium vortex separator, etc.; static type are drum separator, conical separator, shallow groove separator, and cylinder Shape sorting machine, etc. The common advantages of heavy-medium beneficiation equipment are coarse separation particle size, large processing capacity, strong adaptability to ore changes, high separation accuracy and low separation cost; the disadvantage is that the ore needs to be washed or screened to remove fines before the ore can be selected. It is also equipped with a complex medium preparation and medium purification and recovery system.