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Ceramic Filter

Ceramic Filter

【Product Introduction】: A ceramic filter which relies on microporous ceramics for vacuum dewatering.

【Applicable Materials】:Xinhai ceramic vacuum filter has been widely used in mine non-ferrous metals, rare metals, ferrous metals, non-metals and other concentrates and tailings dehydration, chemical industry oxide

【Production Capacity】:1~150 ㎡

【Product Application】:Using microporous ceramics as the filter medium, energy consumption can be saved by more than 90%.

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Ceramic Filter

The advantages of ceramic filter

Void degree (vacuum degree 0.09~0.098MPa), filter cake moisture is low;

Add solid content <50ppm. Can be reused to reduce emissions; Compared with filtration equipment, energy consumption can be saved by more than 90%, and operating costs are low;

Compared with the traditional ceramic filter, the filter cake washing is added, which is suitable for the materials to be washed;

PLC, microcomputer combined with automatic valve control, high degree of automation, reducing labor intensity;

Xinhai vacuum filter has reasonable price, compact structure, small floor space, convenient installation and maintenance;

Advanced drainage system, suitable for use under any working conditions.

The working principle of ceramic filter

Ceramic vacuum filter is mainly composed of roller system, mixing system, feeding and discharging system, vacuum system, filtrate discharge system, scraping system, hair washing system, combined cleaning (ultrasonic cleaning, automatic acid cleaning) system, complete The automatic control system, tank body and rack are composed of several parts. Slurry suction area: when working, the filter plate immersed in the slurry combines with vacuum pressure under capillary action, and the surface is adsorbed into a layer of filter cake, and the filtrate enters the distribution valve through the filter plate to the drain tank. Washing area: After the filter cake is transferred out of the slurry hopper, the filter cake is sprayed and washed. Drying zone: The filter cake continues to be dehydrated under the action of high vacuum force. Unloading area: the scraper will automatically unload when there is no vacuum. Backwash: Industrial water or filtrate enters the ceramic plate through the distribution valve for cleaning from the inside to the outside. Clean the clogged pores. After the ceramic plate has been used for a period of time, it is cleaned by mixing ultrasonic waves and low-concentration acid to maintain the efficient use of the ceramic plate.

Product Picture of Ceramic Filter

Vacuum filter Vacuum filter Belt vacuum filter Belt vacuum filter

Ceramic filter FAQ

Case analysis of Xinhai ceramic filter

A large-scale mine in Guangxi suffered from a lack of dehydration capacity during the test phase. On the recommendation of industry insiders, Xinhai Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. was found. According to the terrain of Guangxi and the nature of the ore of the concentrator, Xinhai technicians recommended the Xinhai ceramic vacuum filter. The vacuum filter is cheap, efficient, large in output, low in water content, and energy saving is more than 80%. It is clear and transparent and can be recycled and reused, which is deeply loved by customers.

Product Parameter

Model Filter area/m2 Filter disc/circle Number of filter plates/block Tank volume/m3 Installed power/KW Operating power/Kw Host (L×W×H)/m
TC-1 1 1 12 0.21 3.5 2.0 1.6×1.4×1.5
TC-4 4 2 24 1.0 7.0 3.0 2.4×2.5×2.1
TC-6 6 2 24 1.2 7.0 6.0 2.4×2.9×2.5
TC-9 9 3 36 1.7 9.0 7.0 2.7×2.9×2.5
TC-12 12 4 48 2.2 11.0 7.5 3.0×2.9×2.5
TC-15 15 5 60 2.7 11.5 8.0 3.3×3.0×2.5
TC-21 21 7 84 4.0 13.5 9.0 4.6×3.0×2.6
TC-24 24 8 96 4.5 16.5 10.5 4.9×3.0×2.6
TC-27 27 9 108 5.0 17.0 11.0 5.2×3.0×2.6
TC-30 30 10 120 5.5 17.5 11.5 5.5×3.0×2.6
TC-36 36 12 144 7.0 23.0 16.0 6.6×3.0×2.6
TC-45 45 15 180 8.5 25.0 19.0 7.5×3.0×2.6
TC-60 60 15 180 12.5 33.0 22.0 7.5×3.3×3.0
TC-80 80 20 240 16.2 40.0 24.0 9.0×3.3×3.0
TC-102 102 17 204 18.5 53.0 35.0 8.8×3.6×3.3
TC-120 120 20 240 20 60.0 40.0 9.7×3.6×3.3
TC-150 150 25 300 24 75.0 47.0 11.2×3.6×3.3

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