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Sulfur gold sand flotation process

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The flotation process for sulfur gold sand mainly includes the following steps:

  1. Grinding: The raw ore is ground to a certain fineness, usually using a ball mill or rod mill.

  2. Flotation: Sulfur gold sand is a complex ore with many sulfide minerals, so it is usually treated by flotation. The flotation process involves adding flotation reagents to the slurry to selectively float the sulfide minerals and separate them from the gangue minerals. The flotation reagents used for sulfur gold sand include collectors (xanthate, dithiophosphate, etc.), foaming agents, and regulators.

  3. Concentration: After flotation, the concentrate containing gold and sulfur is obtained, and then the concentrate is further concentrated by gravity separation or other methods to obtain the final concentrate.

  4. Cyanidation: The final concentrate is usually subjected to cyanide leaching to extract gold. During the cyanidation process, the gold is dissolved into the cyanide solution and then adsorbed onto activated carbon or resins to obtain gold-loaded carbon or gold-loaded resins.

  5. Desorption and electrowinning: The gold-loaded carbon or resins are then subjected to desorption and electrowinning to obtain metallic gold.

  6. Tailings treatment: The tailings generated during the flotation and cyanidation processes contain a large amount of sulfur and other harmful substances, which need to be treated to meet environmental protection requirements. The common tailings treatment methods include tailings storage, tailings dam construction, tailings reprocessing, and tailings dry stacking.

Overall, the sulfur gold sand flotation process is a complex process that involves multiple steps and requires careful control of various parameters to achieve good separation results and high gold recovery.

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