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All you need to know about potash feldspar beneficiation is here

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Potassium feldspar iron removal process

When it comes to the potassium feldspar iron removal process, everyone will think of using a magnetic separator to remove the iron metal in the potassium feldspar, because the potassium element is not magnetic. The magnetism and composition of iron-containing minerals in potassium feldspar are different, so the magnetic separators we use are also different. The following are the iron removal processes of three different potassium feldspar materials.

Magnetic strength of iron element in potassium feldspar: directly select weak magnetic magnetic separator to realize the purification of potassium feldspar,

The magnetism of the iron element in the potassium feldspar is weak: select a strong magnetic magnetic separator to realize the purification of the potassium feldspar,

The iron element in potassium feldspar is magnetically unstable: first, the strong magnetic material in the potassium feldspar is separated by a weak magnetic separator, and then the weak magnetic material in the potassium feldspar is selected by a strong magnetic separator. The sequence of the process is The order cannot be changed.

Potassium feldspar flotation process

Potassium feldspar can meet the requirements of most product grades through iron removal process, but if the product grade is very high, we need to improve the purity of potassium in potassium feldspar powder by flotation method,

A mixture of acid, alkali and synergist is used as a regulator, and oleic acid or sodium oleate is used as a collector. The process flow is a composite loop. Flotation, the obtained potassium feldspar concentrate has high recovery rate, good product quality, low impurity content, low chemical consumption and low cost, which is suitable for various potassium feldspar concentrators.

Potassium feldspar beneficiation process

To process the mined natural potassium ore into the products needed in our industry, it needs to go through five steps of crushing and screening, grinding and screening, magnetic separation, flotation and dehydration and drying.

Crushing and screening: The mined natural potassium ore is evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, and then sent to the cone crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing. The potassium feldspar after primary crushing is crushed. The particles are sent to the circular vibrating screen for screening, and the particle size is qualified to enter the next link, and the unqualified returns to the cone crusher to continue crushing.

Grinding and screening: The qualified potassium feldspar particles are sent to the ball mill for grinding, and the ground potassium feldspar powder is sorted by the spiral classifier. Magnetic separation: The qualified potassium feldspar powder is sent to the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, and the level of magnetic separation is selected according to the material conditions and our requirements for product quality.

Flotation: The coarse ore from the magnetic separation is sent to the mixing tank for mixing with the material. After mixing, it is sent to the flotation machine for flotation, and the potassium feldspar concentrate from the flotation enters the next processing link.

Dehydration and drying: The potassium feldspar concentrate is first dehydrated by the concentrator, and then sent to the dryer for rapid dehydration and drying. The final potassium feldspar powder is the minerals we need.

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