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The role of agitation tank in the gold ore dressing plant

2017-11-30 Xinhai (1399)

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The role of the mixing tank in the concentrator, the slurry mixing tank

The slurry mixing tank is mainly used in the flotation process It is necessary to adjust the slurry and reagents to create good conditions for flotation. It is the necessary slurry mixing equipment for the flotation process.

In the gold ore dressing plant, the stirring tank mainly provides auxiliary functions for the gold ore flotation operation, and is used for slurry stirring before the flotation operation to achieve: 1. Realize the mixing of two or more mutually compatible liquids , Obtain a kind of mixed liquid; 2. Mix and disperse two or more immiscible liquids to obtain an emulsion; 3. Mix the gas with the solution; 4. The solid can be mixed with the solution and suspended in the solution; 5. Speed ​​up the process of chemical reaction, heat transfer and mass transfer.

According to different requirements before flotation operation, the stirring tank can be divided into slurry stirring tank, ordinary stirring tank and chemical stirring tank. The slurry stirring tank stirs the slurry before the flotation operation to realize the suspension of the mineral particles in the slurry, and make the mineral particles and the flotation reagent fully contact and mix uniformly, creating favorable conditions for the subsequent separation operation.

Necessity of Xinhai Stirring Tank Design

The designed axial flow impeller has a large displacement, the slurry concentration of the mixing tank is evenly distributed, and the particles of -178μm can be evenly suspended in the tank. The slurry has no obvious granularity layering phenomenon.

The designed sand discharge device can discharge +10mm coarse-grained minerals, avoiding coarse-grained mineral deposits and pressing grooves, and solves the problem of coarse-grained sinking in the stirred tank.

The impeller structure parameters and the impeller displacement of the stirring tank are designed reasonably to meet the requirements of uniform mixing of the slurry and the agent. 4) The design of the structure parameters of the circulating cylinder is reasonable, and the slurry circulates smoothly up and down in the tank body, and there is no short circuit phenomenon of the slurry.

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