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Introduction of mine slurry pump

2019-08-06 Xinhai (1377)

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Mine slurry pump introduction

Mine slurry pumps are auxiliary equipment commonly used in concentrators to transport intermediate products, tailings and other solid-liquid mixed slurry. Large-scale concentrators produce a large amount of tailings slurry every day, and most of the tailings slurry is treated by pumping mine slurry to the tailings pond. The mine slurry pump is the auxiliary equipment commonly used in the concentrator to transport intermediate products, tailings and other solid-liquid mixed slurry. Generally, the internal conveying height difference in the concentrator is not large. Pumps are the most widely used slurry conveying equipment. The ore addition contains solid particles of various sizes and various acid and alkali salt ions. On the one hand, it will cause serious wear on the flow parts of the slurry pump, and chemical corrosion will also occur. These factors affect the use of the equipment. Life and stability. There are many domestic mine slurry pump manufacturers, and each manufacturer has certain differences in equipment structure, material selection, and price. So which mine slurry pump manufacturer has good product quality? Next, I would like to recommend a two-stage slurry pump developed and manufactured by Xinhai Mining Machine for tailings with good performance and reasonable price.

The two-stage slurry pump produced by Xinhai is also known as XPAII high-lift wear-resistant rubber slurry pump. Its technical parameters and equipment pictures are shown in the figure below. The equipment adopts the most advanced and novel hydraulic design and structural design, sucks the ore slurry from the back side, and uses a simple packing and sealing method to ensure no leakage. Smooth and reliable operation, high efficiency and good corrosion resistance. Due to the advanced and reasonable structure, the worldwide problem that the rubber pump cannot be used above 60m head is solved, and the application field of the rubber pump is greatly improved, and the maximum flow rate can reach 203m3/h.

Xinhai Mining Equipment is a domestic professional mining slurry pump manufacturer. The company has long been engaged in the production of various wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant slurry pumps. Now the company The main mine slurry pumps include XPA type wear-resistant rubber slurry pumps, XPAⅡ type high-lift wear-resistant slurry pumps, XPB type slurry pumps, and various conventional alloy pumps. Through years of development, the company is one of the top quality and complete specifications among the total number of mine slurry pump manufacturers. On the one hand, the company continues to optimize and design its own products through continuous optimization of the slurry pump structure to provide customers with better equipment. On the other hand, the company also establishes a complete after-sales service system to promptly and efficiently solve the problem of equipment in use for customers The various problems of the company are welcomed by customers.

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