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How to separate dolomite and calcite?

2023-11-03 Xinhai (235)

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Dolomite is often associated with some other minerals. Common associated minerals include calcite, gypsum, calcium oxalate, magnesium calcite, chalcopyrite, azurite, etc. Among them, calcite and dolomite have similar chemical compositions and are both calcium carbonate minerals. Due to their similar chemical compositions and crystal structures, it is not easy to effectively separate them. However, in some practical applications dolomite and calcite need to be separated, for example in ore processing or other industrial processes.

So, how to separate dolomite from calcite during the beneficiation process? Here are some commonly used separation methods:

1. Flotation separation

Flotation is a commonly used ore separation technology, suitable for minerals with different flotation characteristics. By adjusting the chemical ratio and operating parameters, dolomite and calcite can produce different flotation behaviors, thereby achieving their separation. This requires laboratory flotation tests on ore samples to determine better flotation conditions.


2. High gradient magnetic separation method

A high-intensity magnetic field is used to create differences in the magnetic properties of dolomite and calcite, thereby achieving their separation. This requires the use of equipment such as high gradient magnetic separators to magnetically separate the ores.

3. Re-selection separation

Gravity separation is a separation method that exploits differences in density. Since dolomite and calcite have slight differences in density, their separation can be achieved through gravity separation equipment, such as centrifuges, heavy media separators, etc.

4. Chemical treatment

In some special cases, the ore can be treated chemically to cause a chemical reaction between dolomite and calcite, thereby achieving their separation. For example, an acidic solution can be used to cause one of the minerals to dissolve while the other mineral remains unchanged.

It should be noted that the separation of dolomite and calcite is a complex task and successful separation depends on the specific characteristics of the ore sample and the separation method chosen. In practical applications, laboratory experiments and process optimization are usually required to determine a suitable separation scheme. At the same time, factors such as economy, environmental protection, and sustainability must also be considered to achieve an effective separation process.

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