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Notes on the use of rod mills

2019-02-27 Xinhai (1350)

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Precautions for the use of rod mills

Rod mill refers to the grinding medium steel rod used for various rod mills. It is the same as the ball mill. It is necessary to have higher strength And impact value, it is convenient to ensure good wear resistance and low rod breaking rate.

In response to the national call for low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, Xinhai Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of rod mill steel rod heat treatment technology to promote the strength and tensile strength of steel rods. Significant progress has greatly reduced the friction coefficient of the rod mill steel rods, and promoted the problems of disordered rods and broken rods.

Wet rod mill is widely used in rough grinding and cement processing plants because of its environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, easy adjustment, and crushing and uniformity. Clinker production, quartz sand, silica sand, aerated sand, tungsten ore, potash albite, bauxite and other mineral processing industries.

The rod mill is usually a wet test overflow type, which can be used as a first-level open-circuit grinding. It is widely used in the first-level grinding in the power department of the artificial service stone sand, the concentrator, and the pharmaceutical factory. The barrel is equipped with There is a moderate grinding medium-steel rods to choose rod mills. Steel rods should be selected from large and medium-sized steel mills. Nowadays, the commonly used steel rods on the market in my country are rolled by steel mills, and their skill standards are not high, and they are resistant to wear. The actual effect is biased, the amount of use is huge, and the country's resources are wasted in a lot of extravagance.

1. Bent rod: The important reason for the bent rod is that the round steel has low compressive strength and is relatively soft. When it is subjected to external forces such as impact in the ball mill, it is easy to bend.

2. The output rate is not high, and the qualified products cannot meet the requirements: This difficulty puzzles many companies. The reasons are various fields. Steel rods are also quite harmful to them. For example, the disposition in the middle of various diameter steel bars is unreasonable, the filling amount is unreasonable, the refilling of rod mill steel bars is unreasonable, and the failed steel bars are not removed immediately, etc. I have to admit that the steel rod of the rod mill is easy to break if it is too hard, and easy to bend if it is too soft. According to many test documents, when the compressive strength of the grinding rod is around HRC50, its wear resistance is very good, and the broken rod rate is at least, which is the choice for improving the compressive strength of the rod mill steel rod.

Round steel is purchased from large, medium and small ironworks. The advantages of wear-resistant rod mill steel rods are: high wear resistance, and the expected effect of wear resistance is 1.5-2 times that of cold-rolled steel rods. Consumers save a lot of direct costs.

At this stage, the rod mill steel rod is heated by a well-type heating furnace and then put into the reservoir for heat treatment. The material rod only moves in the whole process of the conveyor and the heating process. Law rotation. This type of heat treatment process has high labor efficiency and high product cost, and cannot generate economic benefits.

Before the original factory, the rod mill steel rod must be inspected on the composition, process performance, strength, irregularity, diameter, and length errors, and the relevant report and qualification certificate must be presented.

While independent innovation, Xinhai also actively introduces international advanced theories and technologies to optimize and transform its mining machinery, and its rod mills are affordable. The company provides one-stop service of mine design, mineral processing research, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and worker training. In order to solve customers' worries, the company has established a complete after-sales service to solve all after-sales problems patiently and efficiently.

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