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Flotation Cell —— An Indispensable Part of Flotation Process

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Flotation cell is an indispensable equipment in the flotation process, and it is the place where minerals are separated by flotation. Good flotation benefits depend on excellent beneficiation technology, suitable flotation reagents, and efficient flotation machine equipment. A flotation cell with excellent performance can greatly increase the effect of flotation.

Basic Principle of Flotation Cell

The pulp treated with flotation agent in the flotation machine generates centrifugal force under the action of the impeller to form a negative pressure area, sucks in sufficient air and stirs it, so that the minerals, agents and air are fully contacted and mineralized together to form bubbles , floated up to the foam layer, and was scraped out by a scraper to achieve separation.


Basic Functional of Rlotation Cell

In addition to the functions of ordinary machines with good performance and reasonable structure, the flotation cell also needs to have functions and requirements that can meet the special needs of the flotation process.

(1) Aeration effect: The flotation process requires the separation of minerals and pulp by means of air bubbles, so the flotation cell must ensure that sufficient air can enter to form air bubbles and evenly disperse in the tank to interact with the pulp. Thereby improving the efficiency of flotation.

(2) Stirring effect: The pulp entering the flotation cell should be fully dispersed in the tank under the stirring effect of the impeller, and the mineral particles in the pulp should not be suspended and be evenly distributed, so as to ensure that it can fully contact and mineralize with the air and agent .

(3) Circulation flow effect: ensure the circulating flow of the ore pulp in the tank, and increase the contact opportunity between the ore particles and the air.

(4) Easy to adjust: To ensure the effective and stable flotation process, the flotation cell needs to adjust the air volume, pulp surface and pulp circulation volume, and keep the foam area stable and with a certain thickness.


Type of Flotation Cell

The common types of mining flotation cells are mechanical agitation type flotation cells, air-inflation agitation flotation cells and air-inflation flotation cells.

(1) Mechanical agitation type flotation cell: It can self-air-inflation and self-priming slurry. Common models include BF mechanical agitation type flotation cell, XJB rod flotation cell, SF mechanical agitation type flotation cell, and JJF mechanical agitation type flotation cell, etc.


(2) Air-inflation agitation flotation cell: It can self-priming slurry, but without self-air-inflation. It needs to be forced to blow air with external equipment. Common models include XCF air-inflation flotation cell, KYF air-inflation flotation cell, etc. 


(3) Air-inflation flotation cell: This type of flotation cell has no mechanical stirrer and no transmission parts. It needs to be blown into the outside air by a specific compressor. The common type is flotation column.

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