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How to Extract Gold from Gold Ore

2022-05-27 Xinhai (359)

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Gold ore raw ore needs to be beneficiation, so what are the beneficiation methods of gold ore? Common gold beneficiation methods include gravity separation, flotation and cyanidation.

Gold Ore Gravity Separation Process

Gravity Separation is a relatively traditional gold beneficiation method, and the effect of some refractory gold ores today is not very satisfactory. Therefore, it is used as an auxiliary means in the beneficiation process, and is often used in gold ore flotation and cyanidation to enrich and recover coarse-grained gold from monomer dissociation.

Common gold ore gravity separation methods include jig gold separation, shaking table gold separation and chute gold separation. Although Gravity Separation has unsatisfactory beneficiation indicators in some cases, it also has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and is the most economical beneficiation process.


Gold Ore Flotation Process

Flotation method is a widely used beneficiation method in gold beneficiation, and is suitable for processing sulfide gold-bearing ores and polymetallic gold-bearing sulfide ores with fine gold particles and high floatability. Gold ore flotation technology is researched earlier, widely used, and mature in technology, and is suitable for most gold-bearing ores. However, the flotation method is generally effective for gold ores with coarse embedded particle size, and the flotation reagents also have certain pollution to the environment. Therefore, flotation of gold ores is often combined with gravity separation.


Gold Cyanidation Process

The cyanidation process is also one of the main methods of gold beneficiation, and it is the first choice for processing low-grade and refractory gold ores. The cyanidation process of gold ore is mainly to carry out cyanidation leaching of gold ore with the help of alkali metal solution and other agents to obtain gold-containing pregnant solution, and then process the pregnant solution to obtain gold. Cyanidation can be divided into two types: stirring cyanidation and percolation cyanation. Stirring cyanidation is mainly used for full-slime cyanidation or treatment of flotation gold concentrate; percolation cyanidation is suitable for processing low-grade gold-bearing oxide ores. 

The stirring cyanidation gold extraction process includes cyanide-zinc powder displacement device, activated carbon adsorption gold extraction process and ion exchange resin gold extraction process; the percolation cyanidation gold extraction process includes two processes: heap leaching and pool leaching.


The selection of the gold extraction process must be based on the properties of the gold ore itself, so it is best to conduct a processing test before selecting a beneficiation process to determine the best beneficiation process and process.

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