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Tailings re-election: how to recover mica from iron tailings?

2023-07-20 Xinhai (191)

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At present, the comprehensive utilization rate of mine tailings in my country is only about 8%, and a large number of mine tailings can only be stored in mine tailings ponds or some natural places, resulting in environmental pollution and waste of resources. With the continuous development of tailings re-selection technology, the value of more and more tailings re-selection continues to increase. Today we mainly introduce the method of re-selecting and recovering mica from iron tailings.

(1) Tailings pretreatment

Since the tailings in the tailings pond are generally dehydrated, the water content is low, so if you want to re-select the tailings, you need to add water to the tailings again to adjust it into a slurry. The adjusted slurry concentration is about 35%.

(2) Slurry classification

Use a hydrocyclone to classify the adjusted pulp. With 40 microns as the standard, divide the pulp into an overflow part and a sludge part. The overflow part is retained and the sludge is discharged to reduce the impact of fine-grained sludge impurities on the next flotation stage.

(3) Slurry flotation

Add flotation reagents to the overflow part of the pulp, including regulators (NaOH, water glass), collectors (oleic acid, No. 2 oil), and fully mix them in the reagent stirring tank.

The mixed ore pulp enters the flotation unit for flotation treatment, including one roughing and four beneficiation, and the mica flotation rough concentrate is obtained.

(4) Rough concentrate magnetic separation

Set the magnetic field strength to 0.35T, and use a low-gradient weak magnetic separator to perform magnetic separation on the obtained mica rough concentrate to remove the iron-containing impurities contained in it. After the magnetic separation, qualified mica concentrate can be obtained.

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