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Four methods of ilmenite beneficiation

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Ilmenite is an oxide mineral of iron and titanium, and its composition is FeTi03. The beneficiation process of ilmenite depends on the nature of the material. Since ilmenite has a higher density than gangue minerals, gravity separation can be used for pretreatment or roughing and polishing. Tail; The magnetic separation method mainly removes magnetic iron and creates conditions for the selection of titanium.

Electric separation or strong magnetic separation is used in titanium mineral selection. When the coarse concentrate contains non-conductive minerals such as ilmenite, rutile, and zircon, electric separation or strong magnetic separation can be used; flotation method is used It is used for the separation of primary titanium-containing ores, especially for the separation of fine-grained titanium-containing ores. Sometimes it is also used in the selection of coarse concentrates.

01 Reselection method

It is highly valued because of its low production cost and low environmental pollution. Spiral flow channels are widely used in ilmenite beneficiation. Using spiral flow channels, titanium ore can be obtained.

02 Electric selection method

As a check-in operation for the production of titanium concentrate, the electric separation method has been widely used. The electrical conductivity of rutile (main component TiO2) is quite different from that of other impurity minerals. Electro-selection has extremely strong selectivity and plays a great role in improving the grade of rutile.


03 Magnetic separation method

Magnetic separation includes weak magnetic separation and strong magnetic separation. The function of weak magnetic separation is to separate titanium magnetite to facilitate the smooth progress of strong magnetic separation. When strong magnetic separation is used as rough separation, the purpose is to discard the tailings, improve the titanium grade, and reduce the amount of ore in subsequent operations. When used as a selection, it can be used to separate titanium and weakly magnetic minerals.


04 Flotation method

Flotation is an effective method for recovering fine-grained ilmenite. The ilmenite flotation process is relatively complex, and a combined collector is often used. The combined collector generally includes a main collector and an auxiliary collector.

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