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Ilmenite beneficiation equipment is selected in two stages: roughing and concentrating

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Ilmenite beneficiation equipment adopts different roughing processes to provide you with special sorting effects. If you want to increase your ilmenite production efficiency, this is your best option. Ilmenite is currently the world's main source of minerals such as rutile, zircon and monazite. In addition to stripping some of the upper parts of the ore body, the ilmenite should be stripped and can be mined by dry mining or ship mining machinery. Dry mining machinery includes: bulldozers, scrapers, loaders and bucket wheel excavators; there are three types of ships used for ship mining: chain bucket, mixer and bucket wheel. The ore is transported to the rough processing plant through belt conveyors or sand pump pipes.

Ilmenite beneficiation equipment is selected in two stages: roughing and selection. The main type of ilmenite deposits are coastal iron ores, followed by inland iron ores. Ilmenite is the main ore produced by weathering, crushing and enrichment under natural conditions. It has the advantages of easy mining, easy selection, low production cost, good product quality, many minerals, and high recycling value. It is one of the more reasonable mineral resources.

1. The ore sent to the roughing plant of ilmenite mineral processing equipment first undergoes necessary preparations, such as slag removal, screening, classification, decontamination and concentration, and then the roughing process is selected. The purpose of roughing is to separate ores selected according to different mineral densities, discard low-density gangue mineral tailings, and obtain a heavy mineral mixed concentrate with a heavy mineral content of approximately 90%. Roughing plants are often integrated with mining operations to form mining plants. In order to adapt to the characteristics of placer mines, generally ilmenite beneficiation equipment rough processing plants are built in a mobile type, with floating pontoons and land tracks, crawlers, pallets and conventional dismantling methods. Roughing of ilmenite usually uses equipment with large processing capacity, high recovery rate, and ease of moving the plant. More common are cone and spiral concentrators, and a small number of vibrators are used. The above equipment can be used alone or in combination: the single cone concentrator is mainly used for the rough processing of coarse ore or coarse ore, which contains high plating; most factories use rough cone concentrators, and re-select spiral concentrators for some more complex concentrators. Small ilmenite beneficiation equipment ore concentrators usually use single spiral concentrators for roughing.

Second, the selected ilmenite is a comprehensive deposit containing a variety of valuable minerals. The purpose of selection is to effectively separate and purify the recovered minerals in coarse and fine particles to meet the quality requirements of their respective concentrates. It becomes commodity concentration. Ilmenite beneficiation equipment selection plants are usually built in fixed types. The crude concentrate is transported by car, train or pipeline to selected plants. The selected operation is divided into two stages, wet and dry, with the dry operation being the main one. Depending on the nature of the coarse concentrate, partial wet working is usually used in the early stages of the process