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Mineral processing and equipment

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What is mineral processing?

Mineral processing is the art and technology of processing ores from mining areas to separate valuable minerals from waste rocks. It includes processes that provide more concentrated materials for the following extraction metallurgical processes. The two main processes for increasing mineral concentration are leaching and flotation.


Mineral processing is the most important link in the entire production process of mineral products and a key department in mining enterprises. Generally, large-scale mining enterprises are resource enterprises that integrate mining, processing and smelting. The process of separating useful minerals from useless minerals (usually called gangue) or harmful minerals in mineral raw materials by physical or chemical methods, or separating a variety of useful minerals, is called beneficiation, also known as "mineral processing". Among the products, those rich in useful ingredients are called concentrates; those rich in useless ingredients are called tailings; those with useful ingredients between concentrate and tailings are called medium ore that requires further processing. Metallic mineral concentrates are mainly used as raw materials for extracting metals in smelting industry; non-metallic mineral concentrates are used as raw materials for other industries; the selected product of coal is clean coal. Beneficiation can significantly improve the quality of mineral raw materials, reduce transportation costs, alleviate difficulties in further processing, reduce processing costs, and realize the comprehensive utilization of mineral raw materials.

Mineral processing equipment

Crushing equipment, grinding equipment, screening and grading equipment, magnetic separation equipment, washing equipment, heavy separation equipment, concentration equipment, mineral processing auxiliary equipment, etc.

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