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Chute Feeder

Chute Feeder

【Product Introduction】:A periodic and reciprocating feeding machine for large bulk materials

【Applicable Materials】:A periodic and reciprocating feeding machine for large bulk materials

【Production Capacity】:10~90t/h

【Product Application】: According to user requirements, the motor can be changed to the speed adjustment motor to adjust the feeding volume.

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01  Simple structure, even feeding, good continues performance;

02  Change and control flow and feeding volume at any time;

03  Stable transmission, high efficiency;

04  Compact structure, reasonable design;

05  Excellent quality, wide application.


Chute Feeder principle

The machine is usually installed underneath the discharging opening of the ore bin. Minerals fall on the bushing. The bushing is located at the chute bottom, configured on the idler wheel, and via an eccentric device connected with a reducer which is linked to an electric motor by a coupler. When it works, the electric motor drives a reducer via a coupler; eccentric disk and drain cap which is situated between the chute frame bottom and roller begins to do reciprocal and linear motion to uniformly feed minerals.

Product Parameter

ModelOutlet    Dimension (W X H) (mm)Max. Feed Size (mm)Feed Capacity (t/h)Motor ModelMotor Power
CG300X300300X3005010~20Y90L- 41. 5265
CG400X400400    X40010010~30YCT160-4A2. 2640
CG600X500600    X50020010~50Y112M- 441045
CG700X500700    X50020010~601100
CG1240X9801240X98035036~90Y160M- 67. 51710

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