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Barite Mineral processing, Let Me Show You

2022-05-10 Xinhai (206)

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Barite is the most common mineral of barium element. Its main component is barium sulfate, which can be used to extract metal barium and prepare barium compounds; barite has high density, soft texture and chemical inertness, and can be used as a weight for drilling mud. It also has good shielding properties, can absorb x-rays and r-rays, and can be used for x-ray contrast diagnostic drugs. Commonly used barite beneficiation methods in industrial production include manual selection, gravity separation, flotation, and magnetic separation.

Barite Manual Selection

The hand selection method is a common method for many small barite mines. The massive barite is selected according to the difference in color and density between barite and associated minerals. This method is simple and easy to operate, but the manual selection method has higher requirements on the grade and quality of the raw ore, so the waste of resources is serious and the productivity is also low.

Barite Gravity Separation

Gravity separation method is to separate barite with the help of gravity separation equipment according to the difference in density between barite and associated minerals. The general process is washing, desliming, screening, jigging, shaking table, etc. . Commonly used gravity separation equipment includes jaw crusher, jig, shaker, hydrocyclone, etc.


Barite Flotation

With the help of the difference in hydrophilicity between barite and associated minerals, flotation method is often used in sedimentary barite ore and associated hydrothermal barite such as sulfide ores and fluorite. The barite flotation method has high requirements on the grinding particle size. The general process generally requires one roughing, one sweeping, and five to six selections.


Barite Magnetic Separation

The magnetic separation method is based on the difference in magnetic permeability between barite and iron oxide minerals. It is mainly used to remove impurities of iron-bearing minerals and iron oxide minerals.

In actual industrial production, barite beneficiation rarely adopts a single method for beneficiation, but uses several beneficiation methods in combination to maximize the recovery of barite.

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