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How to Improve ball mill grinding efficiency

2021-11-11 Xinhai (616)

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The efficiency of the ball mill is also called the technical efficiency of the ball mill. How to improve the technical efficiency has always been the subject of continuous exploration by grinding experts. There are many methods among them, but there are mainly three effective and effective methods. The editor carefully reads the related Books, to help you organize three effective methods to improve the efficiency of the ball mill, mainly:


Adopt closed-circuit grinding process

A reasonable grinding process should be that once the ore particles are ground to the monomer separation, they should be quickly discharged from the ball mill. This way, on the one hand, over-grinding can be avoided, and on the other hand, the grinding medium (such as steel balls) can be completely acted on the coarse ore particles, so that the energy can be used to do useful work to a greater extent. However, it is difficult to classify the particle size of materials in the existing ball mill. For this reason, a classifier or fine screen is used to separate the qualified particles from the grinding product, and the coarse particles are returned to the ball mill for regrind (also called sand return). It can be seen that during closed-circuit grinding, the ore feed of the ball mill is new ore feed and returned sand. Therefore, the ball mill passes more materials, and the speed of the materials passing through the ball mill is increased, and the grinding time is short. In closed-circuit grinding, the unqualified coarse particles must be forced to pass through the ball mill repeatedly until they are qualified.

Use different grinding machines

Production practice has proved that the rod mill with peripheral discharge can reduce over-crushing. Especially for brittle minerals, it is more meaningful. In addition, because the slurry surface of these mills is shallow, the buffer effect of the slurry on the grinding medium is small. So that the grinding medium can fully exert the crushing effect, so the production capacity of these grinding machines is relatively large.

In the selection of grading equipment, the use of fine sieve and mill closed circuit, or pre-grading has certain advantages.

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