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Agitation Tank For Chemical Reagent

Agitation Tank For Chemical Reagent

【Product Introduction】: An agitation equipment used in reagents preparation

【Applicable Materials】:Used for the agent preparation before the floatation.

【Production Capacity】:0.094~14.8m³

【Product Application】:Used for the agent preparation before the floatation.

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01  Excellent wear-resistance, long service life;

02  Strong agitation capability.


Agitation Tank for Chemical Reagent principle

Agitation tank for chemical reagent adopts barrel shaped radiation circular spiral impeller for mixing operation by the mechanical stirring method. The motor drives the V- belt transmission device which drives the impeller. Reagents mix evenly under the rotation of the impeller preparing for the next step that mixes the ore slurry and reagents.

An agitation tank for chemical reagent is used for reagents preparation before flotation.

Product Parameter

ModelEffective Volume (m3)Rotating Speed of Impeller (r/min)Diameter of Impeller (mm)Motor ModelMotor Power
Weight (kg)

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