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The main technological process of gold ore flotation

2023-04-25 Xinhai (201)

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The main technological process of gold ore flotation includes crushing, grinding, grading, mixing, flotation, filtering, and concentrated smelting.

  1. Crushing: The raw ore is crushed into fine particles (30-50mm) by jaw crusher or cone crusher.

  2. Grinding: The crushed particles are ground into a fine powder by ball mill or rod mill.

  3. Grading: The powder is classified by the classifier, and the qualified powder enters the mixing tank, and the unqualified powder is returned to the ball mill or rod mill for re-grinding.

  4. Mixing: The qualified powder is mixed with reagents (such as collectors, frothers, and regulators) in the mixing tank to form a pulp.

  5. Flotation: The pulp is sent to the flotation machine, and the minerals are selectively attached to the bubbles through the reagents and float to the surface of the pulp to form a foam layer.

  6. Filtering: The foam layer is scraped off and dried to obtain the concentrate, and the tailings are filtered to remove the water.

  7. Concentrated smelting: The concentrate is sent to the smelter for smelting, and gold is extracted from the concentrate.

The flotation process is the most widely used method for gold ore beneficiation. The flotation reagents play an important role in the flotation process. The collectors can selectively adsorb on the surface of gold particles, and the frothers can promote the formation of foam layer. The regulators can adjust the pH value and the concentration of the reagents to improve the flotation efficiency.

In addition to the above process, there are also other processes such as cyanidation, gravity separation, and amalgamation. Cyanidation is mainly used for the treatment of oxidized gold ore, and gravity separation and amalgamation are mainly used for the treatment of alluvial gold ore.

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