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Process overview of gold ore beneficiation

2022-12-27 Xinhai (56)

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The beneficiation process of gold ore beneficiation equipment is mainly a crushing process. The two-stage closed-circuit process is mainly two-stage closed-circuit grinding and flotation. Concentrate regrinding, and this high-efficiency cutting-edge technology, is more than 81.55% fine particle content crushing and high processing capacity, the processing capacity of 53.84 tons per hour, short working time, does not affect the selection, which can make the concentrate grade and recovery The recovery rate increased by 3.03%, the concentrate grade increased by 16.57g/t, the power consumption decreased by 21.5%, and the cost decreased by 18.9%

The pre-treatment process of gold ore mainly has the following stages: roasting oxidation, autoclave oxidation, biological oxidation, chemical oxidation, and other four processes. In addition, the microwave oxidation method is currently in the experimental stage.

(1) Roasting and oxidation can be mainly divided into traditional oxidation roasting method, solidification roasting method, and oxygen-enriched roasting method.

(2) Autoclave oxidation is mainly for refractory gold ores at higher temperature and pressure, adding acid or alkali to decompose the sulfide, so that the gold is exposed and exposed to the cyanide solution, which reacts to form gold cyanide complex are recycled.

(3) Chemical oxidation is carried out by adding chemical reagents under normal pressure and is mainly suitable for carbonaceous and atypical pyrite gold ores. The chemical reagents used mainly include ozone, peroxide, permanganate, manganese dioxide, perchlorate, hypochlorite, etc. At present, there are mainly two kinds of chlorination methods and reduction methods.

(4) Biological oxidation uses microorganisms such as Thiobacillus ferrous oxidant to oxidize and decompose gold-coated pyrite, arsenopyrite, and other components into sulfate, basic sulfate, or arsenate under acidic conditions, thereby making gold exposed to facilitate the next step of leaching.

Rock gold ore cyanidation technical indicators:

Grinding particle size: 400 mesh accounts for 98%; leaching time 36 hours; cyanide consumption: 3.5kg/t concentrate, leaching concentration: 0.15-0.2%; washing water ratio: 1:4; leaching rate: 97%; washing Rate: 99.5%; replacement rate: 99.5%; total recovery rate of cyanide: 95.5%.

The most common beneficiation methods of rock gold ore are gravity separation, flotation, and cyanidation processes. If the recovery grade of rock gold ore is higher than that of the gravity separation process, and the investment is smaller than that of flotation, the cyanide process is the ideal rock gold ore beneficiation process. Because coarse-grained gold and gangue have a large difference in specific gravity, the gold ore that is ground to the basic monomer separation by gravity separation can obtain a good separation effect, and the early recovery of coarse-grained gold can enrich the gold ore. It is beneficial to improve the grade and recovery rate of gold ore

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