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Gold mining extraction process

2021-11-11 Xinhai (498)

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Gold mining refers to the development and mining process of gold deposits. Different gold deposits use different mining methods, and the specific mining method should be determined according to factors such as the deposit and the mining environment.


【Gold mining extraction process】

Gold mines can be roughly divided into rock gold mines. According to the different conditions of the gold mine area and the nature of the original ore, mining companies have certain differences in the gold mining process flow. Placer gold usually uses a combination of crushing, desliming, and gravity separation to separate and purify gold-bearing minerals. However, in rock gold mines, due to the close relationship between gold particles and ore rocks, a certain crushing and grinding process is required in the separation process to make the minerals in it reach monomer dissociation, and then gravity separation, flotation, and cyanide leaching are used. , Amalgamation and other processes or several processes. The following takes the design process of Xinhai Mining Equipment as an example to briefly introduce the gold mining process.

First, the ore mined from the stope is sent to the original ore warehouse of the processing plant for buffering. The raw ore is fed to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing by the feeder, and the coarse crushed product is sent to the screening workshop by the #1 belt conveyor. The screening operation uses two-layer screens to divide the coarsely crushed product into three products according to the particle size. The screened product is fed into the jaw crusher and crushed again. The crushed product and the intermediate particle material of the screening machine are collected on the 2# belt conveyor and sent In the crushing workshop, the cone crusher is used for crushing, and the crushed products are returned to the 1# belt conveyor, and the coarse crushed products are returned to the screening workshop. The products under the sieve are transported to the powder ore bin by the 3# belt conveyor. In this gold mining process, the grinding operation adopts a closed-circuit grinding process at one end composed of a hydrocyclone and a ball mill. The overflow enters the stirring tank to add the flotation agent, and then enters the flotation machine after stirring and mixing. The flotation underflow is transported to the tailings pond by a slurry pump, and the flotation foam product is concentrated and filtered to obtain the final gold concentrate.

In the design of rock gold mining process, there is little difference between the crushing and grinding processes. In the design of the sorting process, the sorting process is based on the grain size of the gold mine khenpo, the associated relationship with the surrounding rock, and the composition of the gangue minerals. The process varies greatly.

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