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Pyrite, also known as pyrite and pyrrhotite, is an important chemical mineral raw material. More than 85% of the ore is used for the manufacture of sulfuric acid, followed by the extraction of sulfur.

At present, the pyrite beneficiation process is relatively mature. According to the different properties of the ore, the optional beneficiation methods mainly include single gravity separation process, single flotation process and gravity separation-flotation combined process.

Pyrite Single Flotation Process

The pyrite single flotation process is suitable for single pyrite or other pyrite coexisting with valuable metal sulfide ores.

The general process flow is that the raw pyrite ore is crushed into a qualified particle size by a jaw crusher, and then enters the ball mill for grinding, and then enters the flotation process after the grinding operation.

The flotation process adopts a roughing, a beneficiation and two scavenging processes, which can improve the comprehensive recovery rate of pyrite flotation while ensuring the concentrate grade. Finally, dewatering is carried out with the help of a thickener.

The flotation process can obtain better beneficiation indicators, but it also has the disadvantage of large equipment investment and high cost. The flotation equipment commonly used in the single flotation process of pyrite is flotation cell.


Pyrite Single Gravity Separation Process

The single gravity separation process of pyrite is suitable for ores with simple ore properties and coarse-grained inlays. The general process flow is that the raw pyrite ore is crushed into a qualified particle size by a jaw crusher and then enters the feeder. The feeder evenly feeds small pieces of pyrite material to a ball mill or a rod mill for grinding, and the ore with qualified particle size after grinding enters the gravity separation equipment for gravity separation. A high-grade concentrate can be obtained after one separation.

This process is simple in operation, low in energy consumption, simple in equipment maintenance, low in pollution and low in cost, but the recovery rate is low. The commonly used gravity separation equipment in the single gravity separation process of pyrite are jig, shaking table, spiral chute, etc.


Pyrite Gravity-Flotation Combined Process

Pyrite gravity-flotation combined process is suitable for ore with uneven particle size. The general process is that the raw pyrite ore is crushed and then enters the ball mill for rough grinding. After rough grinding, the ore is classified, and suitable gravity separation equipment is selected for gravity separation to obtain part of the pyrite concentrate. Then the medium ore and tailings in the gravity separation process are treated by flotation.

The above three methods are the more commonly used methods in pyrite beneficiation. In actual production, the beneficiation method should be reasonably selected according to factors such as the grade characteristics of the ore to maximize benefits.

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