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Dolomite flotation process

2023-04-26 Xinhai (238)

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Dolomite flotation process refers to the process of separating dolomite from gangue through a series of flotation processes in dolomite ore. The main flotation processes include:

Crushing: The dolomite raw ore is roughly crushed by the jaw crusher, and sent to the cone crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing.

Flotation: Use a flotation machine to separate the gangue and impurities in the dolomite raw ore from the dolomite. Specific operations include dosing flotation, shaking table flotation, etc., to obtain rough dolomite concentrate.

Rough separation: use shaker and other equipment to re-select dolomite concentrate to obtain purer dolomite products.

Selection: use equipment such as selection machines to select dolomite products to obtain higher quality dolomite products.

Magnetic separation: Use magnetic separators and other equipment to separate rough and selected products to obtain products containing higher quality dolomite.

Grinding: Grinding the separated dolomite products to improve the quality of dolomite products.

The above are the main steps of the dolomite flotation process, and the specific operations may vary due to different process conditions and types of dolomite ore. In actual production, each step should be optimized and adjusted according to specific conditions to obtain higher quality dolomite products.

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