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Mineral Processing Technology of 4 Types of Iron Ore

2022-05-12 Xinhai (148)

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According to the types of iron minerals, iron ore in nature can be divided into magnetite, hematite, false (semi-false) hematite, limonite, siderite and mixed ore. Different types of iron ore have different properties, and the beneficiation process will also be different.


Because magnetite itself has strong magnetic properties, weak magnetic separation can be selected for sorting. For the depleted rich magnetite ore, the gangue can be removed by the dry magnetic separation process first, and the massive rich ore can be obtained, and then the concentrate can be obtained by the magnetic separation method.


For the mixed ore of magnetite and hematite, the weak magnetic-strong magnetic separation method is often used. However, when the results of other beneficiation methods are difficult to achieve good indicators due to the complex mineral composition of hematite, the roasting magnetic separation method can be used for separation.



For limonite with high iron content and good selectivity, a single magnetic separation process and a single gravity separation process can be selected. However, for limonite with serious mud formation and complex composition, combined separation processes such as magnetization-magnetic separation process, flotation-strong magnetic separation process, and gravity separation-strong magnetic separation process can be selected.


For siderite with a coarsely embedded particle size, a single gravity separation, a single strong magnetic separation or a combined process of the two can achieve better results. For siderite with fine particle size embedded, you can choose roasting magnetic separation, strong magnetic separation, flotation or combined process of maglev.


There are five quality standards to measure the iron concentrate obtained by the mineral processing process: high iron content, low moisture, suitable particle size, and the lower the content of impurities (such as sulfur, phosphorus, lead, arsenic, zinc, copper and other harmful elements) The better, the pH is appropriate. In order to obtain higher standard iron ore concentrate, iron ore concentrate will be reprocessed, mainly including ore blending, ultra-fine powder production, desulfurization, dephosphorization, desiliconization and other methods.

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