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Placer gold beneficiation process

Placer gold beneficiation process

【Process Introduction】:The purpose of the placer gold beneficiation process is to recover gold and various associated heavy minerals from gangue minerals as much as possible, and then use combined operations such as gravity separation, amalgamation, magnetic separation and electrostatic separation to remove gold and various associated heavy minerals. The heavy minerals are separated from each other to achieve the purpose of comprehensive recovery.

【Application Scope】:The beneficiation process of gold placer is mainly used in seashore placer, riverside placer or alluvial placer. The process flow of placer gold beneficiation includes cracking, screening, desliming stage, separation operation, etc.

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The beneficiation process of placer gold ore

placer gold ore beneficiation process

Process introduction

Washing of placer gold mine

Many placer gold mines contain cemented sludge, some of which have a particle size greater than 100 mm. If this sludge is not disintegrated, it will be removed with the waste rock during the screening process, causing gold loss. In addition, vibrating screens and drum screens are often used as screening equipment, both of which have a long service life and large processing capacity.

Surfing of placer gold ore

Practice has proved that the gravity separation method is an effective and economical treatment method for placer gold mines. Due to the different particle size composition of gold in placer gold mines, different placer gold ore beneficiation equipment has different effective particle size limits for the processed materials, so a reasonable placer gold separation process should adopt the combined operation of several different gravity separation equipment.

Jig/shaker reselection

The conical slide valve of Xinhai jigging machine reduces the failure rate by 80% and consumes less energy. It can realize the sorting needs of different materials and increase the processing capacity by more than 35%. In addition, Xinhai jigging machine adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which is convenient for operation and management; it covers a small area and has a large processing capacity per unit area. Xinhai has improved the traditional 6s shaker. It adopts a cam lever head. The stroke can be adjusted by changing the position of the sliding head on the rocker, and the stroke rate is adjusted by the smooth motor pulley. Its advantages are that it is easy to adjust the stroke; the bed surface of the shaker runs smoothly; the structure is compact; and the energy consumption is lower.

Advantages of beneficiation process

The process is simple, the cost of sand-gold ore dressing equipment is low, and it is easy to operate. In addition, the process is environmentally friendly and can directly discharge tailings, which greatly reduces the civil construction investment of the entire concentrator project.

Production case

In December 2013, Xinhai undertook a placer gold beneficiation test project in Peru. After testing the ore samples, the Xinhai Beneficiation Laboratory found that the placer gold mine contains 22g/t of gold. The metal minerals are mainly magnetite and natural gold, and the non-metallic ore is mainly quartz and feldspar. In view of the nature of the ore and the actual situation of the concentrator, Xinhai finally decided to adopt a combined process of gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separation. Tests have proved that the direct gravity separation of this placer gold mine can obtain 380.31g/t gold concentrate, with a recovery rate of 98.78%; after grinding operations, the gravity separation of the placer gold ore can obtain 93.46g/t gold concentrate, and the recovery rate is as high as 99.34. %, the gold recovery rate of this process is much higher than that of the direct gravity separation process. At the same time, the tailings of this process can also obtain iron concentrate with a yield of 6.20%, with an iron concentrate grade of 61.38%.

Process Equipment

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