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Vibrating inclined plate thickener

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Vibrating inclined plate thickener, also known as VIP thickener, is a type of gravity separation equipment used for solid-liquid separation in the mining industry. The VIP thickener consists of a series of inclined plates that vibrate at a high frequency, providing a larger surface area for the settling particles to settle and separate from the liquid. The inclined plates are usually made of stainless steel or polypropylene and are arranged in a parallel or staggered manner to create a series of channels. The channels collect the settled solids and direct them towards a discharge port.

VIP thickener is commonly used in the mining industry to thicken tailings from mineral processing plants, and it is also used in other industries such as wastewater treatment, chemical processing, and food processing. The VIP thickener can handle a wide range of feed densities and throughput rates and can produce a high concentration of underflow slurry.

The VIP thickener operates on the principle of gravity separation. As the slurry enters the VIP thickener, it is directed onto the inclined plates where the solids begin to settle under the influence of gravity. The inclined plates are continuously vibrating, causing the solids to move down the plates towards the discharge port. The liquid flows down the inclined plates and collects in a launder at the bottom of the VIP thickener, which is directed back to the process.

The VIP thickener has several advantages over other types of thickeners. It has a small footprint and requires less space than conventional thickeners. It is also less susceptible to plugging and is more resistant to abrasion due to its inclined plate design. The VIP thickener can operate at a higher solids concentration, reducing the amount of water that needs to be recycled, resulting in lower water consumption and lower operating costs.

In conclusion, the vibrating inclined plate thickener is an effective and efficient separation equipment used for solid-liquid separation in the mining industry. Its advantages include a small footprint, high throughput rates, and reduced water consumption, making it a popular choice for mineral processing plants.

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