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How can electrolytic activated carbon extract gold process?

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Electrolytic activated carbon extraction is a modern method for extracting gold from gold-bearing solutions. This method involves the use of electrolysis to separate gold from other impurities present in the solution. The process can be broken down into several steps, as outlined below:

  1. Preparation of the activated carbon: The activated carbon is first prepared by heating a suitable carbon source, such as coconut shell, at high temperature in the presence of a suitable activating agent, such as steam or carbon dioxide.

  2. Adsorption of gold onto activated carbon: The gold-bearing solution is then passed through a column containing the activated carbon. The gold ions in the solution are attracted to the surface of the activated carbon, where they are adsorbed.

  3. Elution of gold from activated carbon: Once the gold is adsorbed onto the activated carbon, the carbon is washed with a suitable eluent, such as a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid, to remove any impurities that may have also been adsorbed. The gold is then eluted from the activated carbon by passing a concentrated solution of sodium cyanide through the column.

  4. Electrolysis of gold: The eluate containing the gold is then subjected to electrolysis in an electrolytic cell. During electrolysis, the gold ions are reduced to metallic gold at the cathode while oxygen is evolved at the anode. The metallic gold is then recovered from the cathode.

The electrolytic activated carbon extract gold process has several advantages over traditional methods of gold extraction, such as cyanide leaching. Firstly, the use of activated carbon allows for the selective adsorption of gold ions, resulting in higher purity of the final product. Secondly, the process is environmentally friendly, as it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals such as cyanide. Finally, the process is relatively simple and can be carried out on a small scale, making it suitable for small-scale gold mining operations. However, the process also has some drawbacks, such as the high cost of activated carbon and the relatively low recovery rate of gold compared to other methods.

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