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Very Worth Seeing! Silver Ore Processing Rechnology

2022-05-05 Xinhai (366)

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Silver is a common precious metal and one of the metals that was developed and utilized earlier by humans. There are elemental forms of silver in nature, but the vast majority of silver exists in silver ore in the form of compounds. For the mineral processing of silver ore, flotation, gravity separation, cyanidation and their combined processes are commonly used. Next, this article will introduce you to the three methods of beneficiation of the above silver ore.

Silver Ore Flotation

Flotation is the most common method for recovering silver and its associated metals. It can not only recover silver from monomer dissociation, but also process fine-grained and closely symbiotic silver minerals with sulfide ores. The flotation process has the advantages of simple and efficient, low energy consumption, large processing capacity, etc.Its main equipment includes flotation cell, leaching agitation tank, zinc powder displacement device, two-layer (three-layer) washing thickener, etc.


Silver Ore Gravity Separation

Gravity separation is often used to treat silver ore with better monomer dissociation, and the ore separation is achieved by means of mineral density difference. There is no need to add other chemical reagents such as chemicals in the silver ore gravity separation process, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the requirements for grinding particle size are low, and the grinding cost is low;However, in the recovery process, the water consumption is large and the recovery rate is low, so the gravity separation method is often used in combination with the flotation method. The main gravity separation equipments are jig, concentrating table, spiral classifier and so on.


Silver Ore Cyanidation Process

The cyanidation method is suitable for the mineral type of silver-gold symbiosis. The silver mineral in the silver ore is leached by the cyanide solution, and then the silver is extracted by the activated carbon adsorption in the desorption electrolysis system. The cyanide method for silver recovery has strong applicability, short process and less equipment, but it needs to add highly toxic cyanide agent in the process, which will lead to a large cost burden in the cyanide treatment of tailings. The main equipment is double impeller high-efficiency agitation tank, carbon screen, desorption electrolysis system, etc.


When the above three silver ore beneficiation methods are not satisfactory when used alone, several methods can be used in combination, but the most preferred method for a mine needs to be determined through processing tests.

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