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Quartz sand project cases are all here

2023-01-06 Xinhai (325)

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We can provide accurate tests for quartz sand mineral processing. The company's laboratory has complete sets of modern advanced equipment such as crushing, fine grinding, roasting, drying, spectrometers, atomic fluorescence spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, and infrared ore analysis and testing. ;

The beneficiation laboratory is equipped with a crushing room, rock ore identification, Bond (Bond) grinding work index test test, intelligent laser particle size detection, etc., which can carry out gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, cyanide leaching and adsorption, and bacterial oxidation. , acid leaching and wet beneficiation, special beneficiation, heap leaching, tailings concentration and dry discharge and other beneficiation method tests, and provide reasonable beneficiation process.

The following is a brief introduction to previous projects:

Shanxi 1000t/d Quartz Sand Concentrator Project

In 2019, a processing plant in Shanxi entrusted Xinhai to study its quartz sand beneficiation project, and conducted comprehensive condition tests through on-site sampling. The test adopted the "raw ore magnetic separation - scrubbing process" and "raw ore magnetic separation - flotation - scrubbing" process for technical and economic comparison, and finally chose the raw ore magnetic separation - scrubbing process" process.

The creative scrubbing process can finally obtain quartz concentrate with a yield of 84.03%, a grade of SiO2 of 99.64%, a grade of Al2O3 of 0.093%, and a grade of Fe2O3 of 0.038%. The customer was very satisfied with the result and entrusted Xinhai with the general contracting of the dressing plant project. At present, all the equipment of the project are being sent to the site for installation and commissioning. Due to the benchmarking role of this project, in 2020, three more companies in Pingshun, Shanxi and surrounding areas entrusted our company to carry out the general contracting project of the quartz sand project.

South Korea 1200t/d Quartz Sand Concentrator Project

In 2000, Korea Glass, the world's third largest auto glass manufacturer, invested in the construction of the 1200t/d silica sand project in South Korea's Fulbright. They found us and put forward higher technical requirements, requiring that the cumulative content of all heavy minerals in the produced silica sand products should not exceed the standard of 5 parts per million. After repeated tests and design scheme demonstrations, the one-stop processing plant overall service of higher requirements such as silica sand design research, complete sets of equipment, installation and commissioning, etc. has been successfully completed.