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Key points of flotation process for lead-zinc sulfide ore

2020-02-29 Xinhai (1323)

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Lead-zinc ore can be divided into sulfide ore, oxide ore, and mixed ore according to the degree of oxidation; among them, single lead sulfide ore or zinc sulfide ore is very rare in nature. Common lead-zinc sulfide ore is mainly lead-zinc sulfide polymetallic ore.

Key points of flotation process for lead-zinc sulfide ore

Lead-zinc sulfide ore is often accompanied by a variety of valuable components, such as lead, zinc, copper, sulfur and other useful minerals. There is a significant difference in floatability between them, which determines the flotation production process of lead-zinc sulfide ore. Common flotation processes of lead-zinc sulfide ore mainly include priority flotation process, mixed flotation process, and other flotation processes, Sub-rate branch flotation process, potential control flotation process.

1. The priority flotation process is mainly to suppress zinc and float lead first, and then activate zinc to obtain lead and zinc concentrates. According to the order of the flotability of lead-zinc ore, flotation and recovery of valuable minerals such as lead and zinc are carried out in sequence.

2 The mixed flotation process is to first flotate the mixed lead-zinc concentrate, and then separate the mixed lead-zinc concentrate, that is, first select all the lead sulfide and zinc sulfide minerals into the mixed concentrate, and then the mixed concentrate After the ore is demedicated, a separation flotation operation is carried out to obtain a single flotation concentrate.

3. The other flotation process is to divide the lead-zinc sulfide with similar floatability into two parts that are easy to float and difficult to float, and perform mixed flotation to obtain mixed concentrates, and then proceed to sequentially select various useful Separate concentrate of minerals. In some ore beneficiation processes, some sphalerites have similar floatability to most galena, and a small number of galena and most sphalerites have similar floatability. Therefore, make full use of the floatability between lead and zinc minerals. In the flotation of lead, part of the zinc minerals with good floatability are floated simultaneously, and the remaining lead minerals are floated along with the flotation of zinc, and a mixed concentrate of lead and zinc is selected, and then the separation flotation is carried out. In order to obtain lead concentrate and zinc concentrate respectively.

The 4-minute branch flotation process is mainly aimed at fast flotation and good flotation of lead-zinc ore, while the slow and difficult-to-float lead-zinc minerals are left in the subsequent flotation process for separation. This process is suitable for lead-zinc sulfide minerals that have different flotation behaviors due to different embedding components. While obtaining better flotation indicators, it can reduce the configuration volume of the flotation machine, reduce metal circulation and loss, and reduce The medicament consumption simplifies the technological process.

5 The essence of potential control flotation is to control the process and direction of the oxidation-reduction reaction on the surface of sulfide minerals in the slurry system by changing the electrochemical conditions of the flotation system during the flotation process of sulfide ore, thereby affecting the surface of sulfide ore. The state and the product form and stability of the collector on the surface of sulfide ore can increase the hydrophilic-hydrophobic properties of the surface of sulfide ore, so as to achieve the purpose of selective flotation and separation of sulfide minerals.

The material composition of lead-zinc ore is particularly complex. The different material compositions of the ore have different dip and mosaic characteristics, which determines that the ore has a different flotation process. Whether the selection of the flotation process is appropriate will affect the flotation effect. It is recommended that all mine owners formulate a scientific and reasonable flotation process flow based on the beneficiation test report to avoid unnecessary economic losses.