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Gold mining process, steps you must know

2023-01-06 Xinhai (299)

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1. Mining

Mining is the extraction of economically valuable minerals or other substances from the ground, and all mining sites are mineral-rich deposits. Mining techniques are basically divided into two forms: surface mining and underground mining. After exploration and feasibility studies are complete, the ore is extracted from the surface or underground using machinery such as excavators, drills, explosives and trucks.

2. Crushing mining process

The ore mined is large in volume. At present, the maximum ore size of open-pit mines is 1000mm1500mm, and the maximum ore size of underground mines is 300mm600mm. Due to the close symbiosis of useful minerals and gangue minerals, such large ores cannot be directly separated. In order to separate them from each other, the ore must be crushed to a certain particle size before the next beneficiation operation.

3. Transportation during mining

Typically, belt conveyors are used to feed bulk ore into primary and secondary crushers, and then crushed ore into vibrating screens for different sizes.

4. Screening of mining process

The screening process also plays a different role in the gold mining process.

Pre-screening: Before the ore enters a certain stage of the crusher, pre-screen the qualified products that meet the requirements. This process not only prevents the ore from being over-crushed, increases the productivity of the crusher, but also prevents the crusher from clogging.

Inspection and screening: After crushing, screening should be carried out to check the particle size of the crushed products, so that unqualified oversized ore particles can be sent back to the crushing operation for re-crushing.

5. Grinding during mining

Crushing is the continuation of the crushing process. Its purpose is to separate most of the various useful mineral particles in the ore into monomers for classification, so that the particle size meets the requirements of classification operations. In general, we support the principle of grinding more and grind

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