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Ilmenite ore beneficiation process

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Ferro-ilmenite beneficiation equipment is the main tool for beneficiation of raw ore. From a broad perspective, it includes all the equipment on the entire ilmenite production line, including crushing equipment and grinding and grading equipment. From a small perspective, ferro-ilmenite beneficiation equipment mainly Including ball mills, magnetic separators and other equipment, among them, the classifier is used for grading according to particle size, the role of the spiral chute is to discard tailings, the weak magnetic separator is used to remove strong magnetic minerals, and the strong magnetic separator is used to select ilmenite, float The function of the separator is to float sulfide, float fine-grained ilmenite, and the electric separator can select ilmenite, etc.

Introduction to Ilmenite

Ilmenite is opaque, without cleavage, brittle, iron black to steel gray in color. Ilmenite in primary ore often coexists with magnetite and vanadium-titanium magnetite. Ilmenite in placer is often co-produced with rutile, zircon, monazite, xenotime, etc. Therefore, for its treatment and processing, it generally needs to be beneficiated, and then the concentrate should be separated to make it economical. Value and application value go up.

Ilmenite ore beneficiation process

1. The ilmenite raw ore is treated with slag separation, and the raw ore after slag separation is classified to obtain coarse-grained materials and fine-grained materials.

2. After the coarse-grained material and the fine-grained material are subjected to one-stage iron removal, coarse-grained iron-removed tailings, fine-grained iron-removed tailings and secondary iron concentrate are obtained; the coarse-grained iron-removed tailings are A stage of strong magnetic separation is carried out to obtain strong magnetic concentrate and tailings; the strong magnetic concentrate is subjected to spiral gravity separation to obtain heavy separation concentrate and tailings.

3. Send the gravity separation concentrate to ore grinding treatment; the fine-grained iron-removing tailings undergo one-stage strong magnetic separation and two-stage strong magnetic separation in turn, and the finally obtained strong magnetic concentrate is combined with the ground Gravity concentrates are mixed and graded.

4. Return the unqualified mixed concentrate after classification to the grinding step for regrinding, and carry out the second-stage iron removal on the qualified mixed concentrate to obtain the second-stage iron removal tailings and secondary iron concentrate; the second-stage iron removal tailings Three stages of strong magnetic separation are carried out, and the obtained strong magnetic concentrate is subjected to flotation to obtain the final titanium concentrate.

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