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High calcium vanadium ore can also be flotation? This article tells you

2023-06-08 Xinhai (206)

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High-calcium vanadium ore is a kind of important vanadium ore resource, and its reserves are relatively abundant. In order to meet the requirements of low cost, easy operation and high recovery of ore dressing, we use the flotation method to enrich the high calcium vanadium ore.

1) Raw ore crushing: Use a crusher to crush the high-calcium vanadium ore raw ore into crushed ore particles with a particle diameter of less than 3 mm.

2) Roasting of raw ore: The set temperature is 550°C, and the crushed high-calcium vanadium ore raw ore is roasted and decarburized in the kiln for two hours.

3) Raw ore grinding: use a wet rod mill to grind the decarburized material, and the output particle size is set to 200 mesh.

4) Raw ore screening: After the raw ore is ground, use a linear vibrating screen to screen the raw ore with a screening size of 0.1 mm to obtain crude fraction products and fine fraction products, of which the crude fraction products are concentrates.

5) Raw ore classification: use a spiral classifier and a hydrocyclone to classify the fine distillate products after screening, and the classification standard is 0.010~0.035 mm.

6) Raw ore flotation: add PH regulator, collector, and foaming agent to the pulp, mix evenly, use mechanical agitation flotation machine and inflatable agitation flotation machine to carry out reverse flotation treatment on the classified materials, Qualified vanadium concentrate is obtained after one roughing, two sweeping and one beneficiation.

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