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Low-grade gold ore? Gold Heap leaching process can solve the problem

2022-04-28 Xinhai (320)

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Heap leaching is a common process in gold ore processing technology, which belongs to a kind of cyanidation method.It is the process of leaching the useful components in the ore with the help of chemical reagents in the ore heap.It is often used in gold mines with low grades or small ore bodies, or deposits that have both of the above characteristics and cannot be developed and utilized by general methods.

Principle of Heap Leaching

Heap leaching is a process in which a low-grade gold ore is crushed to a certain particle size, then piled on a leak-proof bottom mat made of concrete, plastic or asphalt, and sprayed with low-concentration cyanide or alkali metal solution on the ore heap to promote the dissolution of gold, and then deposit and extract the precious liquid containing gold percolated from the ore heap.


Advantages of Heap Leaching

(1) The process is simple, the equipment is few, and the infrastructure construction time is short;

(2) Less investment, quick effect and low production cost;

(3) Strong adaptability to the nature, taste and quantity of ore.

Steps of Heap Leaching

The process of gold ore heap leaching process mainly includes six stages: ore preparation, leaching pad construction, heap building, preparation of leaching liquid, liquid distribution and liquid collection, and rich liquid processing.


1) Ore preparation: mainly includes crushing, granulation and pretreatment, mainly to improve the permeability and leachability of the ore pile and improve the recovery rate.

(2) Immersion pad construction: refers to laying the bottom of the yard before stacking, in order to collect the rich liquid and prevent the leakage of the immersion liquid.

(3) Heaping: refers to the accumulation of ore heaps with good and uniform permeability.

(4) Leachate preparation: prepare leachate for heap leaching.

(5) Liquid distribution and liquid collection: Liquid distribution is to spray the leachate evenly on the ore pile by means of a spray system; liquid collection refers to the collection of rich liquid through the liquid ditch.

(6) Rich liquid processing: The rich liquid is deposited and extracted with the help of activated carbon adsorption or analytical electrolysis system.

In actual production, not all gold mines are suitable for heap leaching, and the specific process needs to be determined by beneficiation tests.

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