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Gold ore beneficiation technology, flotation technology equipment and reagents

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1. Gold mine flotation technology

The flotation technology of gold mines takes advantage of the hydrophobicity on the surface of mineral particles. Hydrophobic means that it is lipophilic and gas-friendly. When cleansing with liquid, gas, or water and oil, hydrophobic mineral particles will accumulate. After a series of technological treatments, the gold ore particles can be affinity with bubbles or flotation reagents and be flotated on the surface of the ore liquid in the flotation machine, and recycled as foam products.

2. Gold mine flotation equipment

The equipment used in the flotation process is mainly used. The working principle of the flotation machine is: after the slurry is stirred and aerated, the gold ore particles will adhere to the bubbles under the action of the flotation agent, and the ore particles will rise with the bubbles, forming a mineralized foam layer on the surface of the slurry, and then It is scraped out by the scraper of the flotation machine or overflows by itself. Different types of flotation machines can be selected for different mixing and aeration methods. At present, the types of flotation machines commonly used in mineral processing plants include: mechanical agitation flotation machines, inflatable mechanical agitation flotation machines, and inflatable flotation machines. In actual production, the appropriate flotation machine type and combination should be selected according to different situations.

3. Gold mine flotation reagents

There are about fifty kinds of reagents for gold ore flotation. Their main function is to selectively adsorb with mineral particles during the flotation process and change the hydrophobicity of the surface of the target mineral. Gold ore particles with strong hydrophobicity It will stick to the bubbles and float out with the bubbles. According to functional classification, it can be divided into three categories: collectors, foaming agents and regulators.

In actual production, many types of gold ore flotation reagents are used, but the flotation process is not only affected by the type of flotation reagents, but also the dosage, addition method and sequence of reagents will affect the flotation results.

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