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Fluorite Tailings Quartz Separation Technology

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Fluorite tailings quartz separation process technology refers to the process of selecting particles with a particle size greater than 2 mm in fluorite tailings as quartz raw materials and returning them to the factory for reprocessing. The purpose of this process technology is to extract high-quality quartz raw materials from fluorite tailings and recover a certain amount of fluorite.

In the quartz process technology of yingshi tailings separation, hand separation, hand separation-magnetic separation and machine separation are usually used for mineral separation. Specifically, manual selection refers to the selection of quartz particles that meet the requirements from fluorite tailings by manual selection; manual selection-magnetic separation refers to putting the selected quartz particles into a magnetic separator. Separation by magnetic difference; machine separation refers to the use of mechanical equipment, such as a shaker, to screen out qualified quartz particles from fluorite tailings.

When selecting quartz raw materials, it is usually required that the quartz particles are larger than 2 mm and have a certain degree of roundness and gloss. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of fluorite tailings, process parameters such as pulp concentration, temperature, and grinding fineness need to be controlled during the beneficiation process.

In short, the technology of fluorite tailings separation quartz is an important mineral processing technology, which can extract high-quality quartz raw materials from fluorite tailings and recover a certain amount of fluorite. The implementation of this process technology requires the use of appropriate beneficiation methods and process parameters to ensure the quality and extraction efficiency of fluorite tailings

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