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Dewatering Equipment is already Stand by for Solid-liquid Separation

2022-06-01 Xinhai (332)

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In actual production, the beneficiation process of most ore materials is mainly wet beneficiation, that is, the method of separating materials with water as a medium, such as flotation, cyanidation and gravity separation are all wet beneficiation methods. In the process of wet beneficiation to obtain the final product, the most common and important operation is to carry out solid-liquid separation. At this time, dewatering equipment is required.


The process of dewatering treatment in the beneficiation process is roughly divided into the following aspects: the first is concentrate dewatering, which is mainly to separate solid-liquid from the pulp after beneficiation, recover the concentrate, and obtain the final product. The second is tailings dewatering, which recycles and reuses the water in tailings, reduces tailings discharge, and improves economic and ecological benefits. The third is the dewatering of the intermediate ore, which is to dewater the coarse concentrate of the intermediate product in the beneficiation process to improve the grade of the pulp and facilitate the next selection operation. The fourth is grading desliming, which is to classify the coarse and fine-grained materials in the pulp and separate the ore slime. The dewatering equipment used in different dewatering processes is also different.

Common dewatering equipment of mineral processing includes high-efficiency high-frequency dewatering screen, filter, filter press, etc.

(1) High-efficiency high-frequency dewatering screen: a dewatering equipment with large processing capacity and strong dewatering capacity, suitable for tailings dewatering, concentrate dewatering and other processes.


(2) Filter: It is a device that realizes solid-liquid separation with vacuum negative pressure as the driving force. Common filters include drum filter, disc vacuum filter, ceramic vacuum filter, etc. The drum filter is a traditional external filter type vacuum filter equipment; the disc vacuum filter is a A vacuum filter with vertical discs consisted of fanning plates; the ceramic vacuum filter is a ceramic filter which relies on microporous ceramics for vacuum dewatering.


(3) Filter press: It is a device that uses external force to separate the filtrate from the filter medium. The filter press can be divided into a belt filter press and a box filter press. Belt filter press is a dewatering device that uses filter media to squeeze each other for dewatering; box filter press is a dewatering device that uses the pressure of slurry pump to filter liquid through filter cloth.


In the actual beneficiation process, it is necessary to select the appropriate dewatering equipment according to the grade characteristics of the selected ore and the expected effect.

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