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Leaching Agitation Tank

Leaching Agitation Tank

【Product Introduction】:Xinhai leaching mixing tank is a cyanide leaching mixing equipment designed with reference to American technology.

【Applicable Materials】:The double-impeller leaching stirring tank is suitable for gold leaching, adsorption and other mixing operations where the specific gravity is small, the viscosity is low, the settling speed is slow

【Production Capacity】:6-395 m³

【Product Application】:Double-layer impeller, mixing uniformly, low energy consumption; impeller encapsulated, long service life; using multi-point air supply, uniform aeration.

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Leaching Agitation Tank

The advantages of Xinhai Leaching Agitation Tank

The ore flow moves smoothly, the ore slurry is evenly mixed, and the power consumption is low;

The air enters the groove through the hollow shaft of the transmission, and is agitated by the blades, and the air is evenly dispersed;

Compact structure and convenient maintenance;

The hollow shaft is ventilated to the bottom, and the air enters the groove through it, which is evenly dispersed and small bubbles;

Using two new impellers, the impeller of the stirring tank is large in diameter, low in speed, and low in stirring power consumption, which can reduce the wear of carbon;

The stirring intensity is moderate, and the slurry concentration and fineness distribution in the tank are consistent, which can improve the leaching rate of cyanidation and the adsorption rate of carbon;

The impeller of the leaching mixing tank is lined with wear-resistant rubber, which has a low speed and a long service life.

The working principle of the leaching mixing tank

Xinhai double-impeller leaching agitation tank slurry flows from top to bottom in the center under the drag and stirring action of the double-impeller, diffuses through the surrounding damping plate, and feeds air at the lower end of the shaft to mix with the slurry And circulate upwards to form a uniform suspension mixture.

Product picture of double impeller leaching mixing tank

Double impeller leaching stirring tank Double impeller leaching stirring tank leaching mixer leaching mixer

FAQ on leaching mixing tank

The leaching stirring tank has achieved a major breakthrough in the gold leaching rate of 97.14%.

A gold mine in Shaanxi established a beneficiation plant with a daily processing capacity of 200t/d in 2010, using a direct cyanide-zinc powder replacement process. Because the previously installed double-impeller stirring tank stirring blades are slightly smaller, the speed is low, and the slurry is stirred unevenly, which is not conducive to the leaching of gold. Later, Xinhai Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. was contacted to contract the cyanidation process. The Xinhai retrofit equipment uses a slightly larger stirring blade, and is equipped with an anti-back-suction device at the bottom of the hollow shaft. Due to the good ventilation in the center and the uniform stirring of sodium cyanide, a major breakthrough in increasing the leaching rate of gold from 94.28% to 97.14% was achieved

Product Parameter

Model Trough specification (diameter X height) (mm) effective volume (m3) Impeller speed (r/min) Impeller diameter (mm) Motor
Motor power (kW) Model of reducer Tank weight (kg) Total weight
SJ2.0X2.5 2000X2500 7.07 52 909 Y100L1-4 2.2 XLD2.2-4-29 1609 2144
SJ2.5X2.5 2500X2500 10.8 43 935 Y112M-4 4 XLD4-5-35 2159 2729
SJ2.5X3.15 2500X3150 13.92 52 935 Y100L1-4 2.2 XLD2.2-4-29 2398 3095
SJ3.0X3.0 3000 X3000 19 43 1130 Y112M-4 4 XLD4-5-35 3480 4583
SJ3X3.15 3000X3150 20 3480 4160.6
SJ3X3.5 3000X3500 22.97 3211 4334.6
SJ3.15X3.55 3150X3550 25.73 1260 3433.5 4322.8
SJ3.5X3.5 3500X3500 31.3 52 1310 Y132S-4 5.5 XLD5.5-5-29 3480 5025
SJ3.5X4 3500X4000 35.6 4230 5429
SJ3.55X4.0 3550X4000 36.8 43 Y112M-4 4 XLD4-5-35 4260 5025
SJ3.7X4.2 3700X4200 42 42 XLD4-5-43 5266 6153
SJ4.0X4.5 4000 X4500 52.78 35 1750 Y132M-4 7.5 XLD7.5-7-43 6397 7569
SJ4.0X6 4000 X6000 71 33 1750 Y160M-4 11 GRF137-Y11- 
7681 9200
SJ4.5X5.0 4500 X5000 74.75 35 1750 Y132M-4 7.5 XLD7.5-7-43 8614 10864
SJ5.0X5.6 5000X5600 104.5 31 2046 Y160M-4 11 XLD11-8-47 8740 14291
SJ5.5X6.0 5500 X6000 135.42 2100 12467 18745
SJ6.5X7.0 6500 X7000 215 21 2400 Y180L-4 22 GRF147-Y22- 
17890 25978
SJ7.0X7.5 7000 X7500 269 2400 Y200L2-6 22 XLD22-10-47 20505 29030
SJ7.5X8.0 7500 X8000 331 23 2900 Y200L2-6 22 BLD7-43-22L 22552 32796
SJ8.0X8.5 8000X8500 402 18.5 3200 Y250M-8 30 TPS315-3F 30559.5 42467.3
SJ8.5X9.0 8500X9000 480 18.5 3300 Y250M-8 30 TPS315-3F 34130 46623

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