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Packaging process of gold beneficiation equipment

2016-10-15 Xinhai (1770)

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Xinhai not only pays attention to innovation, but also pays more attention to service in the gold mine beneficiation equipment. Customer first and dedicated service are the most fundamental service concepts of Xinhai. Customers are always first. We use sincerity, enthusiasm, and care to always satisfy customers. The professional packing scheme design does not waste every container; the rigorous work style does not miss every piece of equipment; what is sent is not only the product, but also the convenience and service, which facilitates the loading and unloading and installation of the goods, and is purchased by the customer Products do services.

Xinhai mineral processing equipment packaging process

First, mining equipment packaging process

Package statistics → Equipment packing plan → Packing plan → Develop packing list → Packing box purchase and production → Packing construction → Check and confirm → Paste mark and packing list → Take photo → Commodity inspection

Specifically divided into the following steps

1. Packaged goods statistics
2. Equipment packing plan
3. Packaging plan
Xinhai mineral processing equipment packaging process Develop a detailed packaging plan, and make different packaging plans according to the characteristics of each piece of equipment and each piece of equipment:
(1) Naked installation
(2) Put a label on the bundle, indicating the name, specification and quantity of the goods.
(3) Wooden pallet packaging:
(4) Wooden box packaging:
(5) Stretch film, non-woven fabric packaging
(6) Whole steel pallet packaging
4. Procurement and production of packing boxes
5. Packaging construction
6. Packing list production

Two, packing method

1, container

Xinhai mineral processing equipment packaging process

Generally, 40-foot high containers are used. Through the design of Xinhai professionals, each container can make the weight closest to the carrying weight of the container without wasting volume, and make good use of each container, thus greatly saving customers The cost of packing and transportation.

Reasonable use of equipment features, reasonable matching of leaching tank, thickener frame, and cylinder plate to prevent excessive wear on the product and improve packing efficiency.

2, frame cabinet

Xinhai mineral processing equipment packaging process

Used for super long, super wide, super high large machinery and equipment and heavy cargo. Such as ball mill, stirring tank, etc. Packing and bundling by experienced staff ensures that the equipment is firm and reliable without damage.

From production to packaging, to delivery to the destination, and finally to installation, Xinhai Mining Equipment is more professional, intelligent and efficient in every link.

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