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The spiral chute iron tailings separation process

2023-04-27 Xinhai (69)

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The spiral chute iron tailings separation process is a method of treating iron tailings. This method uses a spiral chute to separate the iron tailings to obtain higher-grade iron concentrates. Specific steps are as follows:

Pre-throwing tailings: The iron tailings are transported to the spiral chute. Since the concentrates and tailings in the iron tailings may be mixed together, it is necessary to pre-throw tailings to separate the concentrates and tailings.

Spiral chute sorting: The iron tailings are transported into the spiral chute and rotated in the chute. Due to the high content of iron minerals in the iron tailings, the minerals in the chute will gradually settle to the bottom of the chute. At this time, the sorting device of the spiral chute can be used to gradually push the minerals in the chute to the upper part of the chute for separation.

Separation of concentrate and tailings: through the sorting of the spiral chute, iron concentrates and tailings with higher grades can be obtained. Iron concentrates generally exhibit a metallic luster, while tailings generally exhibit a non-metallic luster.

Finishing: The iron concentrate and tailings in the spiral chute are collected, treated and processed to obtain the final iron concentrate product.

It should be noted that the spiral chute iron tailings separation process has certain requirements on the diameter of the chute, the length and number of turns of the spiral chute, and the ore concentration, in order to obtain the best separation effect. In addition, the applicability of the process is also affected by the nature and processing technology of the iron tailings.

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