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Gold ore flotation process

2023-04-27 Xinhai (161)

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The flotation process of gold ore usually includes the following steps: ore treatment, reagent preparation, mixing, flotation, beneficiation, tailings treatment

Ore processing: Gold ore is crushed, screened and washed to remove impurities and uneven minerals.

Agent preparation: According to the flotation conditions, prepare appropriate flotation agents, such as collectors, foaming agents, inhibitors, etc.

Mixing and stirring: Mix and stir the processed ore and medicament to activate the surface of the mineral.

Separation and collection: Use methods such as sieving and magnetic separation to separate mineral particles and collect them in different containers.

Flotation: The collected mineral particles are added to the flotation tank, and flotation agents such as collectors and foaming agents are added to make them react with metal ions to generate floatable iron sulfide minerals, thereby realizing flotation.

Concentration: Concentrate the iron sulfide minerals after flotation to remove impurities and obtain high-quality iron-sulfur concentrates.

Tailings treatment: Treat the selected iron-sulfur minerals with tailings to recover the metallic iron and iron sulfide.

The key parameters of the flotation process include chemical dosage, mixing method, mineral ratio, water quality, etc. Correct reagent preparation and flotation operation methods can improve the recovery rate and quality of metal sulfides. At the same time, reasonable equipment selection and operating conditions can also improve beneficiation efficiency and economic benefits.

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