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Ferro-titanium beneficiation process

2023-04-27 Xinhai (160)

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The ferro-titanium beneficiation process includes the following steps:

Raw material preparation: collect ilmenite ore raw materials and carry out particle size classification.

Gravity separation: Use gravity separation equipment, such as jigs, shakers, etc., to separate coarse and fine minerals in ilmenite ore. Coarse minerals can be obtained by shaking and rolling of gravity separation equipment, and fine minerals can be obtained by beating and rolling of gravity separation equipment.

Magnetic separation: Use a weak magnetic separator or a strong magnetic separator to separate the strong magnetic minerals and weak magnetic minerals in the ilmenite ore.

Flotation: The use of flotation equipment, such as a flotation cell, to separate the iron-bearing minerals in ilmenite ore from water. In the flotation process, selectivity inhibitor is added to improve the selectivity of ilmenite ore.

Concentration: Use concentrating equipment, such as magnetic separators, flotation machines, etc., to separate ilmenite from ilmenite ore.

Electric separation: Use electric separation equipment, such as an electric separator, to separate ilmenite from ilmenite ore.

Smelting: Extract ilmenite from ilmenite ore and process it into various ilmenite products.

The above are the main steps of the ferro-titanium beneficiation process, and the specific operation may vary due to different beneficiation equipment and beneficiation conditions. In actual production, each step should be optimized and adjusted according to specific conditions to obtain higher quality ilmenite products.

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