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Copper ore flotation process

2023-04-21 Xinhai (224)

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The copper ore flotation process involves a series of steps that begins with crushing and grinding of the ore to form a fine powder. The powdered ore is then mixed with water and chemicals, including collectors and frothers, which help to separate the copper minerals from the rest of the rock.

Next, the mixture is agitated in a flotation cell, where air is pumped through the mixture, causing bubbles to form. The copper minerals attach to the bubbles and rise to the surface of the flotation cell, forming a froth. The froth is skimmed off and the concentrated copper is collected.

The concentrated copper is then further processed, typically through smelting, to produce copper metal. The tailings, which contain non-copper minerals and chemicals used in the flotation process, are disposed of in a tailings pond or impoundment.

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