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Efficient Deep Cone Thickener

Efficient Deep Cone Thickener

【Product Introduction】:A self-developed high-efficiency deep cone thickener, the underflow concentration can reach up to 70%.

【Applicable Materials】:The high-efficiency deep-cone multi-cone thickener is mainly used for the high concentration concentration of minerals in the concentrator, and can also be used for the concentration of other fine-grained, low-density slurry and waste water treatment.

【Production Capacity】:60~2600 m³/h

【Product Application】:Large-angle bottom cone, high underflow concentration; small footprint, high degree of automation, and power saving.

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Efficient Deep Cone Thickener

The advantages of Xinhai deep cone thickener

The height of the Xinhai deep cone thickener equipment pool is much larger than the pool diameter, and the overall shape is a vertical barrel cone: due to the slender body of the pool, flocculants are added during the concentration process, which accelerates the concentration process of material sedimentation and overflow water clarification ; Adopt a new design to greatly improve the underflow concentration and the quality of overflow water; it can truly realize intelligent operation; the processing capacity is 3-8 times higher than the traditional thickener, and the underflow concentration can reach 300- 800 g/L, the quality of overflow water can meet the national discharge standard.

Working principle of high-efficiency deep cone thickener

It consists of two parts, a circular thickening tank and a rake scraper. The solid particles suspended in the slurry in the thickening tank settle under the action of gravity, and the upper part becomes clarified water to separate the solid and liquid. The sludge deposited on the bottom of the thickening tank is continuously scraped and collected by the rake scraper to the center of the bottom of the pool and discharged, while the clarified water overflows from the upper edge of the thickening tank.

Deep cone thickeners are also called paste thickeners. In addition to the characteristics of high-efficiency thickeners, the biggest feature is the deep cone, which is much higher in height than other thickeners. It is mainly composed of deep cone, feeding device, stirring device, control box, drug delivery device and automatic control system.

Product picture of high-efficiency deep cone thickener

High efficiency deep cone thickener High efficiency deep cone thickener Deep cone thickener Deep cone thickener

FAQ about high-efficiency deep cone thickener

The case tells you the reason for choosing a deep cone thickener

Because the concentrator of a copper mine in Jiangxi is affected by the area of ​​the site, almost all the equipment needed is a product with a small area. In the concentration stage, the high-efficiency deep cone thickener solves this problem better. The cone of the deep cone thickener has a small footprint and large processing capacity; the pool height is greater than the pool diameter, and the pool body is slender, which speeds up the processing speed. In addition, Xinhai's deep cone thickener has a higher degree of automation, more power saving, and more obvious cost control.

Product Parameter

GSNG-20 <200> 20000 <21> 2100-2600
型号 池 直径 (mm) 池 深度 (mm) 沉降 面积 (m2) 处理 能 (m3 / h)
GSNG-3 3000 4400 21 60-70
GSNG-6 6000 8800 85 210-260
GSNG-9 9000 13500 310 570-700
GSNG-12 12000 17500 510 800-1200
GSNG-15 15000 19000 1200 1000-1500
GSNG-18 18000 22000 2000 1400-2100
22800 2700

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