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Efficient Thickener

Efficient Thickener

【Product Introduction】:Xinhai high-efficiency thickener is a thickener with a brand-new mechanical structure produced by the introduction of American technology.

【Applicable Materials】:High-efficiency thickeners can be widely used in the treatment of sludge, waste water, and waste residues in metallurgy, mining, chemical, building materials, environmental protection and other departments

【Production Capacity】:5-1400t/d

【Product Application】:Xinhai high-efficiency thickener adopts a brand-new mechanical structure, which strengthens the flocculation effect of the flocculant on solid particles, and additionally provides a flocculant addition system.

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Efficient Thickener

The advantages of Xinhai high-efficiency thickener

Adding flocculants to increase the particle size of the settled solid particles, thereby accelerating the settling speed;

Add a degassing tank to prevent solid particles from adhering to bubbles;

It is equipped with a receiving pan, and the feeding barrel is moved down, so that the feeding slurry falls evenly and steadily, effectively preventing the phenomenon of turning over;

The unit processing capacity is 4-9 times that of conventional thickeners, and it can save energy consumption by 30% compared with traditional thickeners based on unit processing capacity;

Flocculant addition system, flocculant addition automatic control system and high-efficiency thickener automatic control system can be additionally provided.

The working principle of high-efficiency thickener

The working principle of the high-efficiency thickener: before the slurry enters the high-efficiency thickener equipment, after most of the gas contained in it is removed by the degassing device, it enters the mixing device from the feeding pipe, and the slurry is mixed with an appropriate amount of flocculant in the mixing device Fully mix to form a good flocculation state, and then diffuse from the bottom to the surroundings into the high-concentration sedimentation layer formed in advance at the bottom of the thickening tank. At this time, the flocculated slurry (floc) settles to the bottom of the pool; the slurry water rises through the sedimentation layer. Here, the sedimentation layer plays a filtering role to prevent fine-particle sludge from rising. The slurry that has not been fully flocculated will continue to contact with the flocs when it reaches the sedimentation layer, so that the flocs will continue to grow. Finally, the rake frame is driven by the center drive device to push the concentrated material to the center discharge port and discharge the slurry water from the overflow port.

Product picture of high-efficiency thickener

High efficiency thickenerHigh efficiency thickenerHigh-efficiency transformation of thickenerEfficient transformation of thickener  

High efficiency thickener FAQ

Price information of high-efficiency thickener

The price of high-efficiency thickeners and whether their performance is efficient is directly related to the actual production efficiency and cost recovery or profit issues in the later period. Therefore, the comparison of the price of thickeners and the choice of manufacturers have become a topic of concern for many related companies.

Xinhai Mining Equipment successfully developed a new type of high-efficiency thickener including thickening tank, feeding device, unloading device, transmission device and signal safety device. This series of thickeners are equipped with flocculant preparation and addition, automatic control and other parts, so that the equipment can make reasonable adjustments according to different materials, so that it can meet the production needs of different enterprises. Under the premise that the price of the thickener remains unchanged or even reduced, the high-efficiency and high-quality operation of the equipment is realized, which not only greatly improves the ability of processing materials, greatly improves the grade of concentrate, and reduces the grade of tailings, but also realizes the actual production of the enterprise per unit time. Income, so that it can advanced and efficient precipitation and concentration. Xinhai Mining Equipment will provide you with the lowest price of thickener, the best quality and service of thickener.

Product Parameter

ModelInner diameter of tank (mm)Height of tank (mm)Settlement area (m2)Rake speed (r/min)Rake lifting height (mm)Drive motor
Drive motor power (kW)Improve the motor modelIncrease motor power (kW)Steel tank weight (kg)weight

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