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Submerged Spiral Classifier

Submerged Spiral Classifier

【Product Introduction】:The submerged classifier is a classifier equipment whose overflow end spiral is completely submerged under the liquid surface.

【Applicable Materials】:The spiral blades at the overflow end of the submerged spiral classifier are all immersed below the overflow surface, which is mainly suitable for ore classification with an overflow particle size of 0.15 to 0.07 mm.

【Production Capacity】:50~1410 t/d

【Product Application】:The sand return end of Xinhai submerged spiral classifier is equipped with an automatic sand return lifting device, which can cancel the configuration of the large spoon head of the ball mill, and the ball mill runs more smoothly.

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Submerged Spiral Classifier

The advantages of Xinhai submerged classifier

The entire spiral of the overflow end of the submerged spiral classifier is submerged below the liquid level in the settlement zone, which has a large area and depth; generally, electricity can be saved by 1-1.5 degrees per ton of ore; large scoops are avoided Frequent maintenance of the head; slows down the uneven impact on the large and small gears.

Working principle of submerged classifier

The submerged spiral classifier is based on the principle that the solid particles are different in size and specific gravity, so the sedimentation speed in the liquid is different. The fine mineral particles float in the water and overflow, and the coarse mineral particles sink to the bottom of the tank. A grading device that is pushed to the upper part and discharged to perform mechanical grading. Through the low-speed rotation of the screw, the slurry is stirred to make the fine particles suspend and overflow at the overflow . The coarse particles sink to the bottom of the tank and are conveyed by the screw to the discharge port as returned sand.

Generally, Xinhai submerged spiral classifier has 4-5 spiral blades at the end of the overflow , all of which are sunk in the slurry. This kind of classifier has a large settlement area, a deep classification pool, and the agitation of the spiral has little effect on the surface of the slurry. Therefore, the grading surface is stable, and the overflow flow is large and fine.

Product picture of submersible classifier

Submerged spiral classifier Submerged spiral classifier Single spiral classifier Single spiral classifier

Submersible classifier FAQ

Successful case of submerged classifier

Tanzania is located in southern Africa and has a savann climate. The air humidity is relatively high. Many machines are often eliminated due to rust. For a gold mine project in Tanzania, the demand for ore sorting is not particularly large, but the ore particle size requirements are relatively strict. According to the customer’s geographic location and needs, Xinhai selected a submerged spiral classifier for the customer. The grading overflow particle size ≤ 0.015mm, the grading effect meets customer needs, and the recovery rate of beneficiation is increased by 11%.

Product Parameter

Type Model Spiral speed (r.p.m) According to the sand processing capacity (t/d) According to overflow processing capacity (t/d) Spiral diameter (mm) Sink length (mm) Sink slope Model of drive motor Power of drive motor (kw) Improve the motor model Increase motor power (kw) Weight (kg)
Submerged single spiral classifier FLC-1000 2.5,3.5,5,7.4 160-700 50~260 1000 8397 14-18 Y132M2-6 5.5 Manual 5225
FLC-1200 5,6,7 1150-1640 265 1200 8400 14-18 Y160M-6 7.5 Y90L-4 1.5 9583
FLC-1500 2.5,4,6 1140-2740 185 1500 10500 14-18 Y160L-6 7.5 Y100L1-4 2.2 14226
FLC-2000 3.6,5.5 3240-5940 400 2000 13000 14-18 Y160M-6 11 Y100L2-4 3 27753
Y160L-4 15
FLC-2400 3.6 6800 490 2400 14130 14-18 Y200L1-6 18.5 Y112M-4 4 32467
FLC-3000 3.2 11650 705 3000 14300 14-18 Y200L-4 30 Y112M-4 4 43500
Submerged double spiral classifier 2FLC-1200 3.8,6 1770-2800 240 1200 8400 14-18 Y160M-6 7.5×2 Y100L1-4 2.2×2 19610
2FLC-1500 2.5,4,6 2240-5360 370 1500 10500 14-18 Y160M-6 7.5×2 Y100L1-4 2.2×2 27450
2FLC-2000 3.6,5.5 7780-11880 640 2000 12900 14-18 Y160L-6/4 2×11,2×15 Y100L2-4 3.0×2 50621
Y200L2-6 22
Y200L-4 30
2FLC-2400 3.67 13700 910 2400 14130 14-18 Y225S-4 37 Y112M-4 4.0×2 65283
2FLC-3000 3.2 23300 1410 3000 14300 14-18 Y225M-4 45 Y112M-4 4.0×2 84900

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