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 Zinc Powder Displacement Device

Zinc Powder Displacement Device

【Product Introduction】:A system extracts gold from pregnant solution by zinc powder

【Applicable Materials】:Mainly used for the extraction of gold in precious liquid from gold mines

【Production Capacity】:≤1200m³/d

【Product Application】:Mainly used for the extraction of gold in precious liquid from gold mines

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01  With even and continuous spiral feeding, it has solved the problems of difficulty in adjusting zinc powder feeding amount in traditional machinery and uneven feeding amount, and reduced the residual zinc content, which not only reduces the production costs, but also improves the smelting effects;

02  With small area of zinc exposure in the air, the oxidation of the zinc powder is reduced in the operation, and the replacement effect is improved.


Zinc Powder Displacement Device principle

1. Pregnant solution purification: Gold pregnant solution often contains suspended solids which should be removed before replacement. Pregnant solution purification is the process to remove suspended solids.

2. Deoxidation: Dissolved oxygen in pregnant solution hinders displacement of zinc and gold.

3.Displacement and filtering: Including 2 steps adding zinc powder and displacement; when adding the zinc into pregnant solution, the displacement action starts. The displacement equipment finishes the displacement and gold mud filtration.

Product Parameter

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