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What equipment is needed for gold concentrate zinc powder?

2023-04-18 Xinhai (285)

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Gold concentrate zinc powder is a process used to recover gold from gold concentrate by adding zinc powder to the solution, which then forms a precipitate with the gold particles. The precipitate is then separated from the solution, and the gold is recovered. The equipment needed for gold concentrate zinc powder includes:

Zinc powder feeder: The zinc powder feeder is used to add zinc powder to the solution. It can be a screw feeder or a pneumatic feeder.

Settling tank: After the addition of zinc powder, the precipitate settles to the bottom of the settling tank. The settling tank should be large enough to allow the precipitate to settle completely.

Filter press: The filter press is used to separate the precipitate from the solution. The precipitate is placed in filter cloth, and pressure is applied to separate the liquid from the solid.

Smelting furnace: The smelting furnace is used to melt the gold powder obtained from the precipitation process. The molten gold is then cast into gold bars.

Other auxiliary equipment: Other auxiliary equipment includes pumps, pipes, valves, and control systems.

It is important to note that the equipment needed for gold concentrate zinc powder may vary depending on the specific process used and the size of the operation. Therefore, it is important to consult with experts in the field to determine the appropriate equipment for each specific case.